Redux store advanced setup with Redux devtools extension

Boilerplate code to setup Redux store with `Redux devtools extension` enhancer. This code uses the extension if its available and does not fail in the environments where the extension is not available.

Adding (click) on anchor tag instead link in Angular

If you want to invoke some function on a user click you should first look for Buttons, But for what ever the reason (some times for styling) if you want to use an anchor tag you may want to stop the default behaviour of anchor tag. Otherwise If you use # in href it refreshes the current page and if you put nothing it takes you to home

Sync Elasticsearch index to another Elasticsearch using logstash

logstash script to sync data between two elasticsearch indexes

New German Girlfriend - GT TSI

Can we break longest roads in Catan?

is it possible to break opponent's longest road in Catan without building a road bigger that that?

Installing chrome on Windows using PowerShell

SIMULATION: Running multiple tasks on limited number of resources

Deploying your first serverless program in less than 10 minutes

This post shows you how to deploy your first serverless program onto Google cloud functions in less then 10 minutes.

Test post with all supported markdown syntax

Sample post with all supported markdown syntax in the blog