Serverless Computing @ DevCon Hyderabad

October 14 - 15, 2017

Karthik Divi connecting with participants of #DevConHyd @fsmi_in @swechafsm @kashivreddy

— Prof. Pratap (@prataplr) October 15, 2017

About DevCon

A carefully crafted event for you to learn, share, collaborate and contribute. This is a place for pioneering the future technologies. Technology keeps changing and evolving - and we are at the cusp of another such shift. Listen to experts in the industry on what are these changes, get a feel of these new technologies and learn how to stay ahead of the curve.

Serverless Computing @ ThoughtWorks Geek Night

December 6th, 2017

About Geek Night

Geek Night is a monthly event to promote sharing of technical knowledge and increase collaboration between geeks in Hyderabad. It is organized by a passionate group of programmers and sponsored by ThoughtWorks. It happens on the First Wednesday of every month, unless that's a public holiday or any other unavoidable cause, like an Alien invasion.